Choose a company that wants to help create buildings that you feel safe in, that you can rely on,
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Quality Construction.
Dependable Services. Great People.

Having problems with your building can be stressful, unexpected, and cost a lot of money. It’s our job to simplify the process.

We’ve been in the business long enough to know that in this industry, people get taken advantage of. Our philosophy is that customers deserve to be treated with respect. That’s how you build relationships that last. From repair to strengthening to waterproofing, our experience in the concrete restoration field encompasses a wide range of techniques most typical contractors do not normally get involved in. We continue to provide cutting edge services to our clients, always looking for the best way to solve their problems that is affordable, convenient, and that you can count on.

Quality Construction.
Dependable Services. Great People.

Epoxy Injection

A noninvasive repair method which structurally repairs cracks and seals from water intrusion without demolition.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)

Improve the strength of your load bearing structure using reinforced polymer without invasive destruction.


Remove loose or deteriorated portions of concrete *and replace with high performance mortar or grout. With our spall repair method that stops corrosion in its tracks and prevents it in the future.

Urethane Injection

Stop hard to reach leaks with this semi flexible sealant. Common application in Dams, Water Treatment Plants, Subterranean foundation walls, vaults, etc

Traffic System Coatings

Repair and preserve your parking deck with a vast array of repair products and high performance   traffic deck coating adding years of service.

Joint Seals

Protect your structure from changing expansion and contraction with joint sealants and pre-compressed sealants to insure water tightness

Post Tension Repairs

Post tension cables should never need to be repaired. When damage or failure occurs we can repair it


Let us help you add another 30 to 50 years to your structure with a maintenance plan curated for the important building it supports.



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